Client: Marriage Without Borders
Love is limitless. It does not see skin color, social status nor political beliefs.
Being able to live freely with the one you love should be a human right. Nevertheless, with the recent decades' tightening of immigration policy, it has become an almost impossible struggle for thousands of Danes to live with the one they love in Denmark.​​​​​​​
I had the honor of working with ‘Marriage Without Borders’ (Ægteskab Uden Grænser), an NGO that fights for the right of Danish-International couples to live a safe life together in Denmark.
With this campaign, we wanted to draw attention to how the current rules for family reunification affect and what they mean for the individual, the family, and the Danish society. To do so, we created a PR campaign to create awareness and user involvement. 
First, we created a documentary to create awareness of the current political landscape and the NGO. The film gives an insight into the everyday life of three couples who are facing the Danish system and living in the juxtaposition between being in love, frustration, and family reunification.
Next, we wanted to influence the recipient's consideration to act (join the NGO) and generate interest in interacting with the NGO (sharing its SoMe content). The posts contain information, advice, and testimonials from other couples in the same situation as the ones in the film. To make their situation 'easier' to tap into, we gave them catchy headlines such as: "Forbidden love", "Too young for love" e.g. 
Finally, we wanted to initiate advocates for the cause and develop a plan for stakeholders = a citizen proposal. This proposal aimed to remove one of the biggest barriers when trying to apply for family reunification, namely the financial part.
The educational platform Faktalink now offers the film as a part of their immigration curriculum, where it can hopefully spark a debate among young people. 

Film Directors: Jennifer Tonndorff & Mira Campau
Cinematographer and Editor: Mira Campau
Strategy and Campaign: Jennifer Tonndorff
Music: Hviledag & Sofie Birch

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