It all started back in 2017 when I attended the Cannes Lions Festival of Creativity for the first time. Prior to leaving I was excited but also a little frustrated. I felt like the creative community wasn't talking about things that really mattered... So, I set out to start the conversations myself.
Being an activist and all, I usually attend demos when I'm dissatisfied with something. There I can write my piece of mind on a sign, but this time I didn't have those means. Instead, I wore my statements regarding racism and equality. They were simple, loud, and bold.
The t-shirts worked and conversations were started. 
Even the CMO of AirBnB, the awesome Jonathan Mildenhall, ran after me for a selfie with the t-shirt and a chat about the diversity issue in the industry. 
Since 2017 I have sold several t-shirts and I'm currently looking into starting collabs with the right NGOs whos cause needs a bit of rebellioness.
This year I expanded the collection with a t-shirt about consent. In January 2021 the Danish Parlament passed a new law about consent that sparked debates regarding wether or not asking for consent would kill the mood during sex. But is there really anything more sexy than making sure your partner is having a good time.... all the time?
- Creative Concept 
- Graphic Design
- Marketing and sales

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