The documentary about Hassan resembles the blockbuster film “The Terminal” with Tom Hanks in many ways. I am portraying a young man who has neither citizenship in Denmark nor the country his parents are from. Hassan is born and raised in Denmark, but the nationality indicated in his grey alien passport is Somali.
Through Hassan's story, we see how children of foreign parents, born and raised in Denmark, struggle to get Danish citizenship.
My goal with this film is to make a documentary that focuses on inclusion and diversity. I miss seeing stories about “people in the system” portrayed with hopes and dreams, and that's exactly what Hassan has.
The project was nominated for an award from The Danish Broadcasting Corporation (DR) and CPH:DOX in 2020 and elected as 'best short documentary' in 9 international film festivals.

Idea and concept: Jennifer Maria Matos Tonndorff
Director: Jennifer Maria Matos Tonndorff
VJ: Andrea Vijgen Strøbæk
Editor: Daniel Sprogøe-Jakobsen
Producer: Sofie Amalie Laulund

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