Client: IKEA Global​​​​​​​
Like many other brands, IKEA had difficulties connecting with Millennials. They thought of IKEA as a predictable brand that more than often targeted their parents and not them.
So, in the months leading up to young people moving away from home (for example, in connection with starting university), we launched a campaign targeting them and addressing where they are in life - a stage in life that's unpredictable. Just like IKEA. 
Introducing:  "Hello to new beginnings" 
Furnishing your first home is difficult. It requires both time, knowledge, and money, all of which are in short supply. So, to highlight IKEAs understanding of the target audience’s life, we created some Social media IKEA hacks with a "twist".
But IKEA is so much more than understanding online, IKEA understands IRL too. So of course the warehouses also needed a little "twist".

- Strategic insight
- Tone and Feel
- Social Media Concept
- Store Concept

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