Bechdel Test - The podcast better known as SkamDorff.
My partner in crime and I have created a podcast, and just like any other Hollywood couple has a "couples name", so do we. Mette Skammeritz + Jennifer Tonndorff = SkamDorff.
We wanted to create a podcast by women that wasn't centered around men, relationships, or hookups. When scouting the market, we realized that most podcasts by women have these topics as their main themes. These are important, but we wanted to create a podcast that was somewhat less serious and gave men and women a glimpse into conversations between two female friends that aren’t about men.  
The podcast is available on Itunes, Spotify and Soundcloud. We also have an IG account with the same name - for the more visual listeners.

- Host
- Concept
- Content Manager

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